E-Liquids also known as Vape Juice, E-Juice or E-Liquid are the common terms used for all different types of liquids used with your Vaping devices. E-Liquids may contain Nicotine (which is known to be addictive), as well as PG (Propylene Glycol) which carries the Flavour and gives you the throat hit, and Vegetable Glycerin which produces the vapour, and other chemicals. When purchasing E-Liquids, you need to make sure the VG/PG balance suits your Vape Kit!

A thick E-Liquid, which has more of VG may damage your Vape Coils, and a runny E-Liquid which has more of PG may not produce enough vapour. PG is what carries the Flavour whilst VG produces the cloud, typically 50:50 ratio is most commonly used, liked and supported.