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Eco-friendly Vaping: How the Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable?

by Abrar Ahmed 31 May 2024

Eco-friendly vaping, or greener vaping, refers to reducing vaping's impact on the environment using sustainable devices. It involves using recyclable vape devices to reduce carbon emissions. According to the Scottish Government report 2022, up to 4292 tonnes of CO2e of disposable vape emissions have been reported. 

Besides this, disposable vapes were thrown out with over 40 tonnes of lithium in the UK in 2022. This shows a huge increase in the waste due to vaping products. As a result, it negatively affects the environment and raises major concerns for many species. Now, the question is, 

“What is the solution?” 

As the vaping industry rapidly evolves, steps must be taken to implement eco-friendly vaping.  Vape brands and vape shops should switch to more sustainable and recyclable materials and packaging. They should also focus on creating more efficient batteries to reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, they should be encouraged to invest in renewable energy sources. 

Before jumping into vaping, let’s discuss the harmful effects of smoking on our environment!

Environmental Impact of Smoking:

Smoking vs Vaping is one of the most heated debates. National Geographic has reported that 4.5 trillion cigarettes are wasted each year globally, making them one of the most littered products on earth. This adds to the plastic and waste problem and has a negative environmental impact. 

It is important to consider the sustainability of vaping products and packaging to reduce the waste associated with them. Moreover, the Cancer Research report has shown that burning cigarettes releases over 5,000 different chemicals. Of them, 70 types of chemicals cause cancer. 

Environmental Impact of Vaping:

The vaping components and accessories are made of metal, plastic, glass, and batteries. Most of the material is non-recyclable in disposable vapes, while in vape kits, you can use pods, coils, and batteries for a specific period. The research report by Material Focus shows that 1.3 million disposable vapes are thrown away each week. 

Batteries and other components of vape kits must be disposed of, but how you do it is most important. Batteries should never be thrown into landfills or incinerators, as they can release toxic pollutants. Instead, they should be disposed of responsibly in a certified recycling facility.

Innovations and Initiatives for Eco-Friendly Vaping:

Ever wonder where your disposable vape or kit’s battery will end up when you finish it? Those days are ending as the vaping sector is rapidly revolving towards sustainability. Different brands and online vape shops are introducing Disposable e-cigs with rechargeable batteries and a refilling mechanism to reduce waste. For instance, the top examples of these types of vapes are Zap Instafill 3500 and Elf Bar AF 5000, which feature removable batteries and maximum refills.  

Since the early days of disposable e-cigarettes, the vape industry has come a long way. Pod systems that can be refilled and prefilled and disposables that can be recycled are now more sustainable options. These options reduce waste significantly compared to traditional disposables. 

Additionally, pod systems are designed to be more user-friendly, with simpler designs and easier-to-use components. This makes them more appealing to new users, who may be more likely to switch to more sustainable options.

Another major innovation in the eco-friendly vaping sector is the manufacturing of biodegradable vape kits. These kits are made from eco-friendly materials and can be composted at the end of their lifespan. This is a sustainable and cost-effective way of reducing waste in the vaping industry. One example of those vapes is Vaporesso Eco Nano, which comes in eco-friendly packaging with multiple features. 

E-Liquid - The Sustainable Vaping Option:

Using e-liquid for vape devices is another best option to make the industry more sustainable.  E-liquids are more environmentally friendly since they contain fewer chemicals. Moreover, e-liquids are less harmful to the environment and can be disposed of more easily. The bottles of e-liquid are used for a longer time for frequent refills. Apart from that, these e-juice bottles are made of recyclable materials, making them an eco-friendly option. 

According to Grand View Research, top analysts have predicted that the vaping industry will be worth approximately $18 billion and rise to $104.5 billion by 2028. These figures show that more people are attracted to vaping, and many people know that it is less harmful than smoking. This factual data also breaks the myth about “Is vaping safe?” 

Exploring the facts given by, around 56% of ex-smokers in the UK have started vaping. This shows that vaping is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking and that it has the potential to be an important tool in the fight against smoking-related diseases.

Wrapping Up!

The technological innovation in the vaping industry has played a key role in making this sector eco-friendly. As for disposable vapes, companies have started manufacturing refillable and rechargeable devices. One major innovation in the upcoming years is solar-powered batteries with more efficient nicotine delivery systems to ensure eco-friendly vaping while maximising user satisfaction. Also, many companies encourage users to return used vape kits, batteries and coils for proper recycling. This promotes a culture of responsibility for developing an eco-friendly environment.

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